LES -Budapest mobility

The project was co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.
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25 March 2019, Monday

As Monday was going by the Hungarian students were waiting excitedly for the German students, we tried to guess some things: are they going to be friendly, funny, grateful to be here? We figured, we just have to wait and see for ourselves. After some delay of the train we finally got to lay eyes on the German students: they seemed tired but excited at the same time. After we stopped by their hotel, we headed for the restaurant, where we had dinner. At every table, Hungarians and Germans had to mix. Everybody tried to talk to the other, with or without luck, but I think that’s completely normal. The boys that I shared a table with were very funny, and that quickly broke the ice.

26 March 2019, Tuesday

On Tuesday, we showed our beautiful school to the German students. We showed them some classrooms, we gossiped about our favorite and least favorite classes. After the tour the German students got to enjoy a language class, they had the chance to see how Hungarians learn different languages. Then we tried to plan how we’re going to do our presentations, we got some questions to help us. Afterwards, we went up to the Buda Castle using the cogwheel, everybody was in awe while looking at the view. A lot of group pictures and selfies later, we headed to the Hungarian Parliament, where we got a guided tour, we looked at iconic national treasures and emblems, Hungarian history everywhere. For dinner, we went to Oktogon Bisztró, an all-you-can-eat restaurant. As soon as everybody had eaten their meals, we took a boat trip from Jászai Mari square to Boráros Square, everybody seemed to love Budapest in the night time.

27 March 2019, Wednesday

On this day we got to start preparing our presentations, each group was given different topics, every student was in work-mode. For almost two hours we worked hard, had really deep and interesting conversations about the topics that we got. Everybody bonded over this, we really got to know one another. Thereafter we went to Blaha Lujza Square, where we started a tour, guided by a lovely woman, showing us multicultural places nearby. We got snacks, including fortune cookies, Pakistani food called „ pakora with vegetables ’’, also a glass of mango lassie, made out of yoghurt and mangos. Next, we went to Heroes Square and the City Park, where we had free time. Then we took part in UrbanGo, which is a teambuilding game and competition while sightseeing in Pest. This game was really special, not just because I was in the winning group, but because I really got to know the people I was with.

28 March 2019, Thursday

At the start of this day we got a little time to fully finish our presentations. After that we had to present them, which was really frustrating and fun at the same time. Everybody did a great job, all of the presentations turned out to be entertaining and each and every one of them taught me a different thing about German culture. After this, we had to get lunch, and then we had free time. A lot of us had a fun time with the German students, we really got to make beautiful friendships. Then we walked up to Gellért hill, where one of the German students, and one of the Hungarian students sang to us, their pretty voices flowed with the cold night air, the lights from the city made everything feel more at home and comfortable. Everbody got a little sad, but in a good way. All of the students will surely remember this week for the rest of their lives, because this was a kind of magical experience. As we got down from the hill, we headed to Mátyás Pince, a restaurant, which complements the tasty food with an entertaining Hungarian folk dance show. It was a great way to end this week.

29 March 2019, Friday

After a lot of „ goodbyes ” , „ see you soons ” and shed tears, we waved goodbye to the German students. We promised to never forget this precious week, full of good memories and funny moments, inside jokes and deep conversations. I hope to see the German students soon, we made those kinds of friendships that don’t seem to end ever. We managed to work together really well, the language difference wasn’t a thing we couldn’t overcome. I’m proud of having been involved in this project where everybody was able to overcome their initial fears and managed to build lasting relationships and learn about other cultures.